Monday, June 11, 2012

Meanwhile, on the west coast...

While I was off at the Spatial Computing Workshop, my colleagues Aaron Adler and Fusun Yaman were representing the synthetic biology side of my work over at IWBDA - the International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation.  

We had two entries there this year.  The one presented by Aaron summarized the results of the TASBE project (short form: we made an end-to-end tool-chain for putting computer programs in living cells and it worked, though there's a lot of work needed for it to be practical.  Fusun presented the other (accepted as a poster), which has our preliminary results on designing cell-state detectors using the miRNA sensors being developed in Ron Weiss's lab.

I tried to have my cake and eat it too at least to some extent by dialing into the SBOL workshop, since I really *need* that standard to be able to support the designs emitted by our BioCompiler.  Alas, however, the quality of internet service was not enough for Skype to believe that I was actually typing the numbers of the dial-in conference code, and I could only get updates via IM (thank you so much to Mandy!)

I wonder if I got volunteered for any organizer duties while I wasn't looking...

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