Monday, July 30, 2012

Presenting In Absentia

One of the lovely things about having good colleagues: just because you're having a major life event doesn't mean everything has to grind to a complete halt.  For the month preceding my daughter's expected due date, I was grounded---not travelling anywhere, in case she should decide to come early.

That time also overlapped with a couple of conference presentations, and fortunately my colleagues were able to go in my place.  Aaron Adler took over my invitation to present on our synthetic biology tools at the Biological Systems Design meeting at ISMB, a major computational biology conference,
and Hala Mostafa presented our paper, A Manifold Operator Representation for Adaptive Design, at the Generative & Developmental Systems track of the GECCO evolutionary computation conference.

From their reports, it sounds like both meetings went very well, and that our work was well received.  Frankly, though, I'm quite glad I didn't take the risk of missing my daughter's birth.  Professional life continues, and there will be many more chances for me to travel in the future---and perhaps even take a baby with me, if she turns out to be social and a good traveller.

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