Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beginning my Northwest Energy Tour

Back in November, when I spoke on a smart-grid panel in Seattle, my trip was a very productive introduction to other folks working in the area here in the Northwest---thanks in large part to my old friend and colleague Jimmy.  It's funny how the two of our careers have weaved in and out of contact in the area over the last few years, but I'll leave that story for another time.

In any case, I'm back in Washington state again, for a series of visits and talks, the schedule anchored around a guest lecture in Jimmy's business class at BGI (a very funky sustainable business school / startup incubator in Seattle, that I found pretty awesome when I visited it last time).  The (somewhat intense) itinerary is:
  • Washington State University, in Pullman - home of a lot of world class power-engineering research
  • Pacific Northwest National Labs, in Richland - one of the epicenters of the smart grid
  • Snohomish PUD, in the Seattle Area - one of the most innovative public utilities
  • Bainbridge Graduate Institute, in Puget Sound - helping teach Sustainable Energy Solutions

So, I will be going pretty much end-to-end in Washington state over the next four days, talking nothing but energy with all I meet, and at the end, shoveling myself on a plane back home.  It will be intense, and hopefully quite productive in future collaborations.

And now, having just returned from a nice dinner with my colleagues at WSU, and pushing well past midnight EDT, it is time to head to bed.
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