Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Golden Boston Sunset

Dear readers,

Some days, it's just good to be alive, and a thing comes out of nowhere unexpectedly to remind you of that fact.  Today, as my flight was gliding down into its final descent into Boston, the air was almost perfectly clear and the sun was just at that magic moment in its descent where everything begins to be golden and shadows stretch out just enough to give the third dimension of everything an extra bit of special emphasis.  As I gloried in the texture of the light, my camera came out and I snapped away---not blocking myself from an enjoyment of this sight, but finding that the aim to capture gave me extra focus and appreciation for the details.

My dear readers, I wish to share this joy with you, in the form of a few of the best moments of imagery I captured.  May this lighten your day as it has lightened mine.

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