Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mantra: a trip down memory lane

I woke up this morning with bright plans to be productive and focused and accomplish various things. Instead, I have spent the morning on a delightful trip down memory lane.

Way back in high school, more than 20(!) years ago, my friends and I made a video game called Mantra. It was a short, fun freeware adventure with a Zelda-like feel and a bunch of obscure jokes (my favorite was a villager who said: "Godot is coming, please wait"---we got so much tech support mail asking us how long you needed to wait before Godot showed up). It was a lot of fun, actually got kinda popular, and probably helped to get me into my college of choice, and then I would forget all about it for years at a time.

This morning, I was reminded again when I found a link shared by my friend Ben to a person who'd done a wonderful play-through on YouTube with commentary. There's a whole six-episode series, and very well done, and I totally blew all my early morning time-to-myself watching it and indulging in a couple of bucketloads of nostalgia.

Even more amazing to me, Mantra apparently got a page on TVTropes too! OMG, my fanboy self totally sqees! There is something incredibly amazing to me about seeing the Internet dissect my work and identifying the tropes, just as they do with my favorite pieces of media.

It's been a nice, if unproductive, morning.
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